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Game Info

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Game Mechanics
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CryoFall™ is Sci-Fi multiplayer survival game set on a forgotten planet in a distant future. CryoFall features top down perspective with hand drawn 2D graphics. The game will be available on Windows, Mac and Linux.

CryoFall offers you to take on a role of survivor of a spaceship crash, where you and dozens of other players find yourself on a forgotten planet. Players will have to discover the story of this planet, its dark secrets dwelling behind the closed doors of abandoned laboratories. To do so, they will need to travel through the uncharted lands with various biomes, all carefully hand-crafted by the designers. Together with dozens of other survivors the players can create their own cities, establish active economy, industry, or pillage what other survivors managed to put together.


  • Various stages of technological progress
  • Storyline elements discovered through exploration
  • Hand-crafted maps and locations
  • Complex crafting, industrial and farming systems
  • Extensive modding capabilities, including realtime code editing
  • In-house developed Renkei Engine™, allowing hundreds of players on the same server
  • Wide range of player interactions and roles with meaningful specialization options