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CryoFall when you die you lose your items, you re-spawn randomly or can re-spawn back at your bed with default server rules. You can retrieve your items stored in a bag on the ground with a limited time. You will also start with 1 single Torch.


  • On Death you Re-spawn with 50% Health, 50% Stamina, 25% Food, and 25/100 Water.
  • Your items from your inventor and equipment will drop including Armor / Hotbar.
  • You have 1 Hour from the time you died to retrieve your items.
  • You will have a Gravestone Marked on the Map where you can retrieve your items.


Death Notice:

CryoFall death time notice.png

This the notice that is displayed at the top right of the screen when you have died letting you know that you have 1 hour with default rules to retrieve your items.

Grave on Map with Tooltip:

CryoFall death grave map.png

When you open your Map via the Map icon at the top or M Key (By Default) you will be able to find your Grave from the Map as a blue RIP Icon.

Player Dropped Items Loot Bag:

CryoFall death bag.png

When you get to your corpse the items will drop in a Bag that you can open up in a interface and have the option to Loot specific Items, All at Once, or Matched Items.


  • Keep in Mind that your Stamina Regenerates quite fast and by the time you start moving you be almost at 100%.
  • If you kill another player you can loot their Torch (Not sure if this is a bug or feature)