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This is a list of the different fuels and their values. Not all fuels will work the same way and burn the same. The Fuel Values are the raw numbers that are in the scripts. The Higher the value the longer they last in their intended operation.

Burnable Fuels

Burnable Fuels work in very basic structures like the Camp Fire.

Icon Item Fuel
CryoFall ItemCharcoal.png Charcoal 15
CryoFall ItemCoal.png Coal 100
CryoFall ItemFirelog.png Firelog 600
CryoFall ItemLogs.png Wood Logs 50
CryoFall ItemPaper.png Paper 10
CryoFall ItemPlanks.png Wood Planks 10
CryoFall ItemRope.png Rope 10
CryoFall ItemTreebark.png Tree Bark 10
CryoFall ItemTwigs.png Twigs 10

Electric Energy

Icon Item Fuel
CryoFall ItemBatteryDisposable.png Disposable Battery 500

Camp Fuel?

Icon Item Fuel
CryoFall ItemCampFuel.png Camp Fuel 250