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Learning Points is a currency like point system that is used to unlock new Technologies. You gain Learning Points by doing everyday activities like mining, gathering, and more. Once you accumulated enough Learning Points you can spend them on new Technologies unlocking new crafting and building recipes.


  • Abbreviation Commonly used for Learning Points is LP.
  • You gain Learning Points doing day to day activities like mining, gathering, and more and even while afking but at a very slow rate.
  • In your Technologies screen at the bottom you can see how Many Learning Points you have to spend.
  • At 50 Learning Points you will get a warning message to spend them in case of death and losing them.
  • When you die you retain very little Learning Points but you can Upgrade this as time goes on.


Learning Points Over 50 Warning:

CryoFall Learning Points Over 50.png

This notice displays at the top right of the screen when you have more then 50 Points to spend. It serves as a reminder that you can lose most your points through death and that you should spend them right away rather then saving them as points are not that hard to gain.

Learning Points & How Many Keep After Death.

CryoFall Learning Points Values.png

You can view how many Learning Points you have on the left as well how many you keep after death on the right in your Technologies Screen.