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Weapon Name Image Description Damage Energy cost Shop cost
Rock DinocideStoneCrop.png First weapon of the primitive man. Flies by the quite high ark and inflicts low damage. Even after death protagonist can not lose this weapon and it's ammo is unlimited. Light TBA TBA
Stone Axe DinocideAxeCrop.png Sturdy and heavy, Stone Axe is made of stone and can be used not only as tool but also a dangerous weapon. This thing is quite heavy so throwing the Axe is a task for a strong man. Due to it's mass Stone Axe flies by the descending ark and inflicts heavy damage on hit. Heavy TBA TBA
Dart DinocideDartCrop.png Dart is one of quite complicated and sophisticated primitive weapons - it is light, sharp and handy. Cave man can throw darts with incredible speed and frequency and these missiles fly perfectly straight. Light TBA TBA
Boomerang DinocideStoneCrop.png No one remembers who invented boomerang but it is obvious that it was either the guy with a thickest skull or the one who is fast to squat. One is clear: nobody can predict how boomerang moves but it always comes back and delivers a good damage to its owner if the guy is not swift enough to catch the missile. Average TBA TBA