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Name Price (d) Shop Level Description Base Quantity Production Base Quantity Neutral Base Quantity Consumption Production Chance Consumption Chance
Fraclasite ore 7 1 Fraclasite is mostly needed for production of weapon systems due to its unique properties. But there are other uses for it as well. 500 150 20 0.2 0.2
Mangkolite ore 13 15 Mangkolite is unique in the sense that it's the only mineral used in the production of advanced energy systems such as generators, capacitors, or energy shields. Mangkolite is used in most systems related to energy. 400 100 0 0.15 0.25
Glepsite ore 2 1 The most common ore in the galaxy. Used for all types of construction and production as it allows the cheap manufacturing of any kind of structure. 800 400 100 0.15 0.25
Cyactite ore 5 1 Cyactite is mostly used in the production of electronics, but beyond that there are many other uses. Always in high demand throughout the galaxy. 600 200 30 0.15 0.25
Serizonite ore 50 30 Serizonite is the most expensive and difficult to obtain mineral in the galaxy. No one knows how this mineral came to be, but the most advanced technologies depend on it. 100 20 0 0.05 0.4
Seralucite ore 20 20 Seralucite is used in the production of the most advanced electronics systems. 200 70 0 0.05 0.3