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Multiplayer server setup


To launch a multiplayer server on any system, your system needs to meet following requirements:

  • .NET or Mono, compatible with .NET Framework 4.0

Windows 7 (and newer) have .NET 4.0 already installed. Mono is included (bundled) for Linux and Mac game installations.


How to host your own server:

  • (1) The server is located in the game folder: "Server_dotNET" for Windows or "Server_Mono" for Linux/OSX.
  • (2) Start the server executable first time with "--dedicated" flag (without quotes).
  • (3) Enter "check" into the server console and press Enter key. It will detect that configuration is missing and create the "SettingsServer.xml" and "ModsConfig.xml" files.
  • (4) Enter "stop" and press enter. The server will stop and quit.
  • (5) Now you need to modify "SettingsServer.xml" to set unique server name, make it private if needed, set other settings, etc...

In SettingsServer.xml, do not modify misc and network parts! It may cause malfunction if something is set in a way it is not intended to be.

You may, however, modify <server> part on your own risk. There you can setup some server configurations that would affect gameplay.

Additionally if you want to add mods to your server:

  • (6) Create a subfolder "Mods" in the server folder and place your mods there ("*.MPK" files).
  • (7) Edit "ModsConfig.xml" file and add entries for the new mods. IMPORTANT! Please set any version to the mod definition here, it will be automatically fixed with the proper version from the mod header.

For example, if you want to add single mod "HereticMk2.mpk", your ModsConfig.xml should look like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?>

If you do not wish to add mods, please disregard points 6 and 7.

Starting the server:

  • (8) Start the server executable with "--dedicated" flag (without quotes).
  • (9) Enter "new" to the server console and press Enter key to create a new world.
  • (10) Stop your server by typing "stop" and pressing Enter key any time (it will save world before stopping).
  • (11) Load your saved world by typing "load" when you want to start the server next time.

Starting your server automatically:

If you want to make an auto-launch script to automatically load the world, it should look like this

VoidExpanse.Server.exe --dedicated load

Extra NOTES for Linux / OSX:

You need to use "Server_Mono". If you have pre-installed Mono 4 (complete version) in your OS, you could run directly "mono VoidExpanse.ServerMono.exe" otherwise you need to execute appropriate bundle-executable:

Linux 32-bit: ".\VoidExpanse.ServerMono.Bootstrapper.Bundle.Linux32 --dedicated"
Linux 64-bit: ".\VoidExpanse.ServerMono.Bootstrapper.Bundle.Linux64 --dedicated" 
OS X: ".\VoidExpanse.ServerMono.Bootstrapper.Bundle.Mac --dedicated"

Whitelist, blacklist

To enable whitelist, you need to follow the following procedure:

  • Be sure, that white_list_enabled in SettingsServer.xml is set to 1.
  • Create a file "whitelist.txt" next to the server executable file, and add there names of player you want to play on your server, one name on one line:

After this steps are done, only players listed in whitelist.txt will be able to connect to your server.

To enable blacklist, just create a file "blacklist.txt" next to game executable, and add there names of player, which you don't want to play with. Rules are the same - one name per one line. Blacklists are always enabled, so there's no need to change SettingsServer.xml

Server commands

You can find full list of server commands at Server commands