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Localization and Translation

Adding a new languages to VoidExpanse, either to the core game or mods is really easy thanks to a special localization utility.

You can download the localization utility here.

Basically the process is as follows:

1. Unpacking the core game

First you will need to unpack the core file. Please read the relevant modding articles on how to do it.

After you have the unpacked core data simply run the localization utility and point to the location of the core files you have unpacked.

2. Adding new language

In the localization utility press "add new language". The program will tell you about adding a new language definitions first and offer to take you to the required folder. Press yes.

There you will see the default languages such as language.en_us.xml - that's what you need to create to add a new one.

You can simply take language.en_us.xml as a base and edit it to the language you need.

Let's say we want to add Italian support to the game. Here is what you will need to do:

Create a file named language.it_it.xml (according to international language codes).

And the file has to have the following contents:

		<title>Italiano (Italian)</title>

		<!-- This is a fallback language in case some translation elements are missing -->

3. Editing the language

Now, after the new language has been added restart the localization utility and it will now recognize that there is a new language present in the game.

You will see a new column for that language. In case of our example it will be it_it.

Now simply enter your localization strings in that column and that will be it!

Finally save your work. Actually, save often, after editing every 20-30 lines. Just in case :)

4. Creating a localization mod

And you are done! Now you can just click on "Export localization mod" and select the language. Then you can use our Steam Mods Uploader tool (you can download it with Steam at Utilities section) to pack it into the proper mod (or you can create header.xml manually and compress it as described at Modding). Then people will be able to use that mod in the game and a new language will be available for them to select in the options.

NOTE: for mod type select "Localization" (value is 4) so your mod will work properly in singleplayer and multiplayer.

List of language codes

The game can support any language, even the ones you came up yourself, but just to be consistent below are the list of correct language codes that the game natively recognizes.

Language Language code
Afrikaans af_za
Arabic ar_ae
Basque eu_es
Belarusian be_by
Bulgarian bg_bg
Catalan ca_es
Simplified chinese zh_ch
Traditional chinese zh_tw
Czech cs_cz
Danish da_dk
Dutch nl_be
English en_us / en_uk (and others)
Estonian et_ee
Faroese fo_fo
Finnish fi_fi
French fr_fr
German de_de
Greek el_gr
Hebrew he_il
Hugarian hu_hu
Icelandic is_is
Indonesian id_id
Italian it_it
Japanese jp_jp
Korean ko_kr
Latvian lv_lv
Lithuanian lt_lt
Norwegian nb_no
Polish pl_pl
Portuguese pt_pt
Portuguese-brazil pt_br
Romanian ro_ro
Russian ru_ru
Serbocroatian sr_sp
Slovak sk_sk
Slovenian sl_sl
Spanish es_es
Swedish sv_se
Thai th_th
Turkish tr_tr
Ukrainian uk_ua
Vietnamese vi_vn

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