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Usually you'd want to use either AtomicTorch Game Launcher or Steam client to take care about all that stuff, but it could be done manually, if you prefer to have a portable version. This short tutorial will give you an idea of all 3 possible ways to update the game.

Using AtomicTorch Game Launcher

If you bought the game directly from AtomicTorch Studio the easiest way to go about updating your game and installing all mods is to use AtomicTorch Game Launcher. It is a single executable file that you can just place on your desktop and it will take care about everything.

It can do the following:

* Download and update your games with a single click.
* You can opt-in to receive experimental versions of the game.
* Install mods. Just double-click a mod file and it will be installed automatically in the correct folder.
* Configure mods (what mods you want to be active, etc.).
* Get latest news, and all other neat features.

You can download it in "My games and items" page once you log-in into AtomicTorch website.

Using Steam client

I guess it does not require an explanation. If you are using Steam you probably know how it works already :)

Manual method

If you prefer your games to be portable you can just download a portable version and place anywhere. It will work right out of the box. Though you have to keep a few things in mind.

Save files, settings files and mod configs are all stored in the documents folder (documents/AtomicTorchStudio/VoidExpanse) so you don't have to worry about copying them when you update the game, however if you are moving the game to a different machine you will have to copy the entire folder from the documents as well.