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Note: This page is for Linux and OS X. Windows Troubleshooting

Issue Unix Local Server Troubleshooting

Issue: Cannot start Singleplayer game

There are a few likely possible reasons why you may not be able to play VoidExpanse. Try and see what works for you!


Your firewall is blocking network access to the local server OR master server. Even in singleplayer mode VoidExpanse uses networking to connect to a server (which in this case is running on your computer, so you don't need internet access). So, to resolve this issue both, the main application and server application should be added to exclusion list.

Note: You DON'T need Internet to play single-player game.

There are two files in Windows you have to add to the Firewall exclusions list:

  • <game folder>/VoidExpanse.x86
  • <game folder>/VoidExpanse.x86_64
  • <game folder>/Server_Mono/VoidExpanse.ServerMono.exe
  • <game folder>/VoidExpanse.ServerMono.Bootstrapper.Bundle.Linux32
  • <game folder>/VoidExpanse.ServerMono.Bootstrapper.Bundle.Linux64

Local game server executable is not marked as executable

If you downloaded the game with Steam client you don't need this fix.

This can happens only if you downloaded the game from our website as ZIP-file and extract it manually, and usually this happens only on Linux and very rarely on OS X. To fix this, you need to navigate into the <game folder>/Server_Mono and change access permission for the executable bundles:

sudo chmod +x VoidExpanse.ServerMono.Bootstrapper.Bundle.Linux64

sudo chmod +x VoidExpanse.ServerMono.Bootstrapper.Bundle.Linux32

It will ask for your system password. After that it should launch without any issues.