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Note: This wiki is work in progress and is in no way complete. We are only starting adding content here, for now mostly for our own reference. But if you would like to help - feel free to create an account. Any help with adding additional materials or organizing what's already here is appreciated!

CryoFall Wiki

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You can find additional information about CryoFall on the official website.

Please note that the official CryoFall wiki is hosed at

Additional articles:

VoidExpanse Wiki

Get the game The game Modding Tutorials

You can find additional information about VoidExpanse on the official website.

Dinocide Wiki

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Dinocide is currently in development. You can find all information about the game on the website.

AtomicTorch Studio technology wiki

Information Projects

Aside from the game projects AtomicTorch Studio also develops certain software projects to aid its game development needs. These projects are mostly intended for internal use, however our latest work (RENKEI Engine) is quite a powerful tool by itself which might interest other developers as well. Hence we decided to make the information available publicly.

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